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Winter Shelter

St. Clement has provided an overflow shelter for the homeless for 20 years. In order to relieve overcrowding at the city's main shelter (from January 2 - March 15), we provide space for homeless men to spend the night. This allows homeless families, women and children more space and privacy at Carpenter's Shelter during the coldest part of the winter. Our shelter guests are prescreened for alcohol and arrive at St. Clement's by van from Carpenter's Shelter around 7:45 in the evening . We provide a safe, warm and loving refuge from winter's deadly chill. Before going to bed our guest can watch TV and enjoy a light snack we provide. The men sleep in our sanctuary three nights per week on mats we provide and use our sheets, blankets and pillows. A Carpenter's Shelter van arrives at the church at 6 the next morning to return our guests to the city's main shelter, or, in the case of the working poor, to their jobs. We also give each guest a gift card to be used for a fast food breakfast. We are always in need of volunteers for the shelter operation, including shelter openers and overnight host/supervisors to facilitate this ministry. Please call our church office for more information if you would like to help!

To sign up to volunteer, please contact Tom Greco  tmgreco@aol.com

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