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Bag Lunch Program

Saint Clement participates in Alexandria's Brown Bag Lunch Program.  One of six local churches involved, we rotate weeks and provide a lunch and drink ( plus soup in cold months) to feed the hungry.  Our turn is about once every 7 weeks.  The year long schedule comes out in November for the following year for planning purposes.

If you don't have much time, but feel the need to volunteer, this just might be the program for you!  Please contact Sheila Kearney (saekks@aol.com) or Ellen Rayner (erayner823@yahoo.com) for more information. 

The Preparer buys the food, and puts the bag lunches together.  Right now, we normally make 60 bags. This can take place at the church the night before, or one can make the lunches at home (the night before or the morning of) and deliver them to Saint Clement's by 10:30am.  

The Server picks the lunches up, along with drink mix (and soup when needed), drink cups, etc from the church and delivers to Meade Memorial in Old Town, Alexandria for them to be served starting at 11:30.  During soup months the soup needs to be heated at Meade and make the drink mix there as well. We help clean up their kitchen afterwards and then the server takes leftover cups, etc back to Saint Clement when finished.

The Preparer needs to buy enough to make 60 lunches: 40 sandwhiches with Deli meat and Cheese and 20 PB&J sandwiches. Both should be on whole wheat bread and all lunches should include a soft fruit (banana/orange) or fruit or applesauce cups and Cookies.

Place the sandwhich in a plastic bag and then place the sandwhich, fruit or fruit cup, cookies, napkin, and spoon (as needed) in the brown bag.

The preparer is welcome to take sandwich bags, brown bags, napkins and spoons from the Brown Bag Closet for this specific mission.  

The preparer can be reimbursed for the cost of the meals.  Ask the church secretary for a voucher.